Welcome to Sage Alley Brewery and Grille

For our newcomers please take a moment to read to
understand how our Brewery runs.


We are NOT A RESTAURANT we are a Brewery with a Gourmet 

Food Trailer.  Food orders are prepared in the order that they 

are received so if we are crowded you should prepare to wait 

(45 minutes during busy times). Napkins, utensils, and condiments 

are available at our kiosk located just inside the door. In order to 

expedite food preparations,  we may not be able to accommodate 

changes to some menu items. 


We offer open seating both inside and on our patio.  No reservations 

are necessary.  If you need extra chairs please ask and we can help youm ove 

them to meet your party size needs.  You may move to 

different seating if it becomes available during your stay, please just let us know.

Once you have found a seat, one of our staff will greet you and be 

happy to start a tab and take any food or drink orders. If we do not 

see you, please let us know. Once you start a tab you may add to 

it at any time with one of our staff members or by coming into the 

pub and ordering at the bar. Either way is perfectly acceptable.


When the food or drink orders are up we will bring them to you. 

Please listen for your name, especially if you moved.

We do not have dedicated servers or wait staff for each table, 

all of our staff members are available to help. 

When you are ready to check out....simply let one of our staff know 

or come to the bar and we will check you out. 


Our goal is to make your visit to Sage Alley comfortable,
relaxing, and enjoyable.

Our Children and Pet Policy at Sage Alley Brewery


Since opening in June of 2018, Sage Alley Brewery has enjoyed
overwhelming support from our Lehigh Valley community for our beer,
our food, and our unique laid back atmosphere. As owners, we are so
gratified, and we vow to continue to add new great tasting beer and
food, and keep the relaxed fun atmosphere. 


Across social media, local print media, and critics in the area,
we receive review after review confirming the great experience
we offer at Sage Alley.  Unfortunately, Sage Alley Brewery is not the
right experience for everyone. Sage Alley is an adult setting, we do
not offer accommodations for small children such as high chairs or
kids menus.  We require that parents patronizing our facility with
children keep them under their immediate supervision at all times,
inside and out. Children need to stay seated, on their parents laps,
or in their carriers not blocking isles. 


Most of this is common sense but unfortunately because
of the inaction of a few parents...we must state it clearly.


Typically, finishing your visit before 7 pm is recommended as
children become more restless and grouchy as they approach
their bedtime.


As well, at busy times, food service from the food trailer can be a
45 minute wait, easily managed by adults but not as easy for a
hungry child. 


Our policy clearly stated is;

Children are welcome but they must conduct themselves in an
appropriate manner for our adult customers and staff. We insist
that parents take responsibility for the behavior of their children
and insure their conduct is within our policy.

We are a Patio Pet Friendly establishment.  Our patio is heated in the cooler months 

but respectively ask you do not bring an unfriendly/non-socialized pet.  Your pet is not

allowed on our furniture and you may not feed your pet from the table. Please bring your

own bowl for your pet and we will be happy to fill it with water.  If your dog is a service dog, 

you have full access to our establishment.


Thank you, 


Russell & Heather


Sage Alley conforms to the Laws established by the two governing agencies for operations of a Brewery and for the food service trailer.

PLCB and the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture.
Based on the mandatory mask order put in place 7-1-2020 by the Pennsylvania Department of Health,

Sage Alley will be changing our mask policy effective immediately.

Mask wearing is mandatory for all Sage Alley staff.

Mask wearing is mandatory for all Sage Alley customers at anytime other than when they are seated at their

appropriately spaced seating.  These requirements will be posted and all customers shall be instructed to review them and maintain

compliance at all times while attending the brewery.