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Our Policy about Children at Sage Alley Brewery


Since opening in June of 2018, Sage Alley Brewery has enjoyed overwhelming support from our Lehigh Valley community for our beer,
our food, and our unique laid back atmosphere. As owners, we are so gratified, and we vow to continue to add new great tasting beer and
food, and keep the relaxed fun atmosphere. 


Across social media, local print media, and critics in the area, we receive review after review confirming the great experience
we offer at Sage Alley.  Unfortunately, Sage Alley Brewery is not the right experience for everyone. Sage Alley is an adult setting, we do
not offer accommodations for small children such as high chairs or kids menus.  We require that parents patronizing our facility with
children keep them under their immediate supervision at all times, inside and out. 


Our policy clearly stated is;

SAGE ALLEY BREWERY AND GRILLE is an Adult setting. Children are welcome but they must conduct themselves in an
appropriate manner for our adult customers and staff. We insist that parents take responsibility for the behavior of their children
and insure their conduct is within our policy.


Thank you 

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