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What are your hours?

Sage Alley Brewery

Thursday  4pm - 9pm

Friday  4pm - 9pm

Saturday  12pm - 9pm

Sunday  10am - 3pm

Are you kid friendly?
Sage Alley is an adult setting, we do not have accommodations for small children
such as high chairs or 
kids menus.  We require that parents patronizing our facility
children keep them under their immediate supervision at all times, inside and out.
Children need to stay seated, on their parents laps, 
or in their carriers not blocking isles. 

Are you pet friendly?

Yes, pets are welcome on the patio, Service dogs are welcome at all times at
both locations with proper identification and manners of a service dog.  Dogs are

not allowed on the furniture and we ask you DO NOT feed your dog from the table.

Do you have outdoor seating?

We have plentiful outdoor seating at Sage Alley Brewery.

Our 40' x 60' patio  and our covered porch are open and during the late fall and winter months,
we install a heated custom enclosures.

Do you host private events?

Yes, We do host private events for all sorts of occasions
Please email us your Private Event Information with the date and time you would like to book.
(Responses may take up to 3 business days.)


Do you serve any other beverages?

Yes, our Taproom serves Wine from:

 Black River Farm Winery

Bishop Estate Winery

Cider from Hardball


Our Brewery & Grille serves:

Mixed cocktails using the following:

Xplorer Spirits

and Raspberry Iced Tea & Fountain Head Sodas

Do you offer a tour of the brewery?

Yes, tours are available, no reservation, no charge.  Our tour takes approximately 45 minutes,

40 minutes to drink a beer and five minutes to tour the brewery - both are awesome.

Can I fill any growler and are Crowlers available?

Yes, we will fill any growler. Please properly clean  yours it before asking for a fill.
All growlers must be consumed off premise.

Crowlers (cans) are available for purchase.

Can I purchase a keg?

Yes, keg sales are subject to availability, but we do sell sixtels, quarters and halves.

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